Family of Missing Woman Speaks Out

Reporter: David Tate

Franklin Co., VA - The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is asking for your help in tracking down a missing woman who has not been heard from since Monday.

The family of Heather Hodges, 22, filed a missing persons report after the young woman's boyfriend said she disappeared.

The sheriff's office isn't calling it suspicious yet, but officials say they have grave concern.

The mother of a 2-year-old supposedly turned up missing when her live-in boyfriend went to get her ice cream. The last time Crystal Hodges saw her sister Heather, she had dropped her off at Heather's home just north of Rocky Mount the morning after Easter.

"We got a call later on that night...him crying saying she had sent him to Dairy Queen to get her a Blizzard and when he got back she was gone," said Crystal Hodges Heather's sister.

Hodges does have a history of taking off for a day or so ,but she always checks in according to family especially since the birth of her daughter.

According to investigators, nothing else is missing, which is what has Franklin County detectives concerned.

"The main concern we have at this point is that she has a child, a young child, and she has not called any family members to check on that child and that is highly out of the ordinary for her."

The Hodges family says the relationship between Heather and her 40-year-old boyfriend goes back some 10 years. They call the relationship abusive and controlling.

Heather's mother even claimed to have domestic charges pending against him. He is also the last person, that anyone knows of, to see Heather Hodges alive, which has the family thinking the worst.

"We don't know anything so it's very difficult. We don't sleep much at night; when the phone rings our hearts stop. You know, I don't wish this on anybody. I've already lost a child. I can only imagine what my mother's going to go through if this doesn't turn out good," said Crystal Hodges.

The sister says that just two weeks ago Heather told her that if something happened to her she is not suicidal and to never stop looking for her in order to bring her envisioned murderer to justice.

While no one is suggesting Hodges is dead, the family has a cold feeling over them Friday.

If anyone has seen Heather Hodges at any time since Monday, 6 you are asked to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Department at 540-483-9227.

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