Families Rally Together, Wanting Closure on Missing Loved Ones

South Boston, VA - It's hard to imagine going a day knowing that your loved one is missing, but a few families in our viewing area have gone years with no clue if their family member is safe and sound.On Saturday, they got together and raised awareness about missing people in our area. The organization, Help Save The Next Girl, set up a booth at WalMart in South Boston. They gave those families a chance to refresh those missing person cases, hoping to end the day with a few tips or leads.The families say they've been playing the waiting game for way too long."This June will be two years," said Gayle Snead, whose daughter is missing."She went missing April 9, 2012," said Paula Hodges, whose daughter is also missing,"He's been missing since November... Thanksgiving November past," said John Brown, whose brother is missing.And for sisters Diane Brown and Tee Barkesdale, their sister, Hattie Brown has been missing for five years now. All these families rallied together on one mission; to get closure and locate their loved ones. "You never give up on someone you love," said Barkesdale.They're all part of the organization, Help Save the Next Girl. The group was started in honor of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington who went missing and was found dead in Charlottesville in 2009. The organization works to prevent crimes against young women and generate buzz about missing person cases- hopefully leading to a happy ending. "It's hard to respond effectively when you've just have the worst thing in your life happened to you. Someone that you love has been taken. So we're trying to back each other up," said Gil Harrington, founder of Help Save The Next Girl.They set up a booth at the Walmart in South Boston, reminding the public about the missing person cases of John Brown, Hattie Brown, Heather Hodges and Wendy Beadles Francis, hoping their pictures will jog someone's memory."If it's not out of sight, it's not out of mind," said Barkesdale."These things don't happen in a vacuum. Somebody knows something,"Harringtonn said. Help Save the Next Girl will be in Nelson County on June 18, soliciting tips and information on the disappearance of Alexis Murphy.
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