Evening Of Innovation Event Kicks Off At Lynchburg's T.C. Miller Elementary

Lynchburg, VA - Evenings of Innovation kicked off Thursday at T.C. Miller Elementary School in Lynchburg.

The event aims to educate prospective parents and students, up in the air about applying to one of the city's schools for innovation. There will be three of the open-house style events.

At T.C. Miller, parents toured the school's science, art, and music classes. The Principal there said it is a great opportunity to help you decide if one of these schools is the right fit for your student.

"You really need to come and see, and you need to know your child and it's really a family decision, and you really just have to come and get a feel. I encourage them to come and visit during the school day" said Amy Huskin, the school's Principal.

The deadline to apply to one of the city's three schools for innovation is March 21st.

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