Estimated 5,000 People Attend Ceremony At National D-Day Memorial

Bedford, VA - Representatives of the D-Day Memorial said the turn out for Friday's events was likely more than 5,000 people. The Bedford Rotary Club offered free transportation for veterans from North Carolina, bussing a few hundred up to watch the day's ceremonies. Admission to the memorial on Friday was free. Annual operating costs though are estimated at around $1 million. Memorial staff though said the majority of their income is from philanthropy and private donations. "There is a true understanding out there of the importance of our mission in keeping the lessons, the legacies of the D-Day invasion, as well as the stories of the individual veterans alive" said Martin Leamy, the Memorial Site Manager. The memorial receives on average, 75,000 visitors a year. Its mission is honoring those that sacrificed on that day, and educating future generations.
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