Downtown Lynchburg Participates in Small Business Saturday

Lynchburg, VA- Some may have shopped all they could on Black Friday, but many still came out to support local business Saturday. It was part of Small Business Saturday, which was created by American Express in 2010. For many, shopping local is a great idea.

Residents say Lynchburg has tons of great options.

"There's a nice little gift shop in there, a ladies gift shop. We bought quite a few things in there for Christmas. And pastries, and pastries, yes- we love the pastries," said Warren and Gloria who were shopping downtown.

Shopping local not only puts money into the local economy, it helps people do what they love to do. Haley Pavao is the owner of Pastiche at Main. She says buying product from her store supports 20 people's livelihood. She has 20 companies represented in the shop.

"It's our lifeline is having people support us and realize the value in goods that are made locally and keeping the money in Lynchburg. That's how we stay alive," said Pavao.

The Taco Shark Truck was started a few months ago by a group of guys who thought Lynchburg was lacking of great and convenient food. They say connection with customers is key.

"Our business is about as small as it can get and we have a lot of local customers that enjoy returning. We have a top customer list, people really like getting on there," said Edward Hall, who runs the Taco Shark Food Truck.

The community market is full of local vendors. People like John Wallisky come to sell their goods.

"We had a comment today, the woman thanked me for having such reasonable prices and I said, 'well that way everyone can have a nice Christmas,'" said Wallisky.

All of these folks have something in common-- they are doing what they love with hopes people will decide to support them by buying their product. Something that's great for the local community.

"Huge restaurant chains, you can get that anywhere. If you shop local the money is recycled back into the community," said Hall.

If you were not able to shop locally Saturday, you can any day, but another event is coming up. There will be a downtown-wide Christmas Open House on Tuesday night.

There will be a free trolley sponsored by Lynch's Landing from 5-9 p.m. The following businesses are participating:

Academy of Fine Arts
Al Ryan
Art Box
Bowen Jewelry Company
Enchanted Antiques
Estates Revisited
Gladiola Girls
Market at Main
Oxide Pottery
Pastiche at Main
Shay's Unique Gifts
The White Hart Cafe
Urban Merchant
Willow Breezes

The event is sponsored by:
The Clutch Guide
93.7 KHF - Lynchburg's New Music Station WKHF
Lynch's Landing

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