Dominion Meets With Nelson County Residents, Lays Out Pipeline Plan

Nelson Co., VA - The idea of a a natural gas pipeline that would run through Nelson County is stirring up a lot of controversy.

Tuesday night at Nelson County Middle School, Dominion Transmission laid out its plan for the 550-mile pipeline called the Southern Reliability Project.

Residents packed the auditorium to have their voices heard. Many of them showed up very early to get a seat.

"Obviously, landowners are interested in what we are doing. I would say a larger crowd, tonight, over what we we've seen in other communities," said Dominion's VP of Communications Chet G. Wade.

Many residents expressed concern and confusion over the project.

"This has the ability to have a huge impact on the economy, lifestyle, and the values of every resident of Nelson County," said Charlotte Rea.

If approved, the pipeline would run through 35 miles of Nelson County. The pipeline would start in West Virginia and end in North Carolina.It would run below ground, through 225 parcels of land.

While Dominion says it could flex its muscles through eminent domain, company officials say that's a road they do not want to go down.

"As we said, that's the very last resort for us. 95% of the time or more, we're able to reach an agreement with the landowner," said Wade.

The project is still in its early stages. Crews will be surveying land for the rest of the year.

Dominion says if the project moves forward, construction would begin in 2017. The pipeline would begin operating in late 2018.

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