Dog With Severe Wounds Found In Campbell County

Campbell Co., VA - Pictures of a stray dog found Thursday morning wandering Evington in Campbell County are difficult to look at.Bonnie Blue Bell, a pitbull was found without a collar in a family's backyard this morning with deep lacerations to her neck. Campbell County Animal Control officers tell us they are likely from an embedded collar.No word on whether she was abandoned or if her owner is looking for her."Sure enough on her carport, laying on a bag of mulch is the dog, curled up in a ball sound asleep. So when we get out, we didn't see it till it came up towards us and that's when we saw it all gaped open" said Janine Lascell, Deputy Animal Control Officer.Bonnie's going to need a $1,000 surgery to clean and repair her wounds. They're looking for any help they can get, donations can be made at the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control website.
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