Danville Sheriff's Office Giving Away Gun Locks After Accident

    Danville, VA - Law enforcement officers in Danville are pushing gun safety after a one-year-old was shot in the back over the weekend.

    A six-year-old relative accidentally fired the gun.

    Sheriff Mike Mondul has worked with guns for decades. He's stressing the importance of gun safety now more than ever.
    "I think with the recent shooting incident that happened, it kind of raised awareness as to why gun safety is important," said Sheriff Mondul.
    Over the weekend, Police say a six-year-old child picked up a gun and accidentally shot through a wall into a one-year-old's back.
    "It's a horrible, tragic thing," said Mondul.
    Mondul hopes to prevent more accidents by giving gun locks away. In just a matter of seconds, a gun lock can secure a weapon and make it inoperable without a key.
    The Glendale Avenue accident has reminded parents all over the region to take precautions with their firearms. Bryan Alderson has several guns and two children in his home. While they've had plenty of lessons on gun safety, they got another one after this weekend.
    "I came home after that and reassured them, if you find a gun, what do you do?" said Alderson.
    Alderson makes sure to keep the weapons out of his kid's reach, and never keeps them loaded in the house.
    "They know not to bother them," said Alderson.
    Mondul suggests every parent take precautions to make sure this type of accident does not happen again.

    To get a free gun lock, come to the courthouse or call the Sheriff's Office to have one delivered. Mondul says this is a standing offer.

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