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Danville Man Making His Dream a Reality

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Reporter: Ashley Singh l Videographer: Nick King

Danville, VA - A Danville man is making his dream of selling pastries, a big success. Robert Kelly recently opened up his own store, O'Kelly's, and his cinnamon buns and sandwiches are selling quickly. Kelly says the secret to his success is appreciating his customers.

"I just started taking them around on a tray as an old fashioned delivery service and just taking them to people, businesses," said Kelly.

Recently, he says the family decided to open up a store and it's been a hit since the doors opened.

"I realized that I have to come up with different things to keep it going to not let it get old," he said.

He says he always keeps the customer in mind. Sandwiches are only $3. To keep prices low, he says he looks for bargains when it comes to ingredients.

"I've been selling cinnamon rolls for a dollar and fifty cents for sixteen years and I was determined not to go up in price," he said.

He says the service is what keeps customers coming back. Customers say it's a quick stop, the food is fresh and it's a good deal.

"This is the third time this week that we've been over here," said customer Jackie Mize. "You get your money's worth. they have what they call a $5 bag lunch and you get a sandwich a danish and a drink and you can't beat that."

"You can advertise all you want but I think in the end, word of the mouth is the best advertisement there is and that's where all of this advertisement is coming from, word of mouth," said customer Margaret Davis.

Kelly says the success has been great, but what has touched him more is how supportive everyone has been.

"These people are spending their hard work money with me, a pastry man," said Kelly.

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Employees at O'Kelly's say its surprising to see how quickly the business is growing. They say they may not have a choice but to expand in the future.

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