Danville High School Students Take Part in Super Saturday

Danville, VA - George Washington High School in Danville, held their "Super Saturday" to help students with the process of applying to colleges.

Super Saturday is a time when families can get one-on-one help from college admissions counselors when it comes to their FAFSA's.

Admissions counselors say getting ready for college can be a little stressful, so they were able to help ease some of that stress.

"First thing, take a deep breath, it will be okay," said Janet Schwalenberg, Associate Director of Admissions at Averett University.

Some students say figuring out which school you want to go to, and then trying figure how to pay for it, leaves them a little bit overwhelmed.

" It's like a disappointment if you fill it out and you send it and it's a long wait and it's just like, when's it coming, am I accepted, come on!" student Basyl Bryan said.

George Washington High School has been hosting Super Saturday for years now. They are hoping to help families with what may be the most confusing part about getting ready for college, the FAFSA.

Christine Marie Quilpa is a college advisor at George Washington High School.

"It's one thing to get accepted into college, but it sort of doesn't make that much sense it you won't be able to pay for college," Quilpa.

"It tends to be stressful for parents and I think that it's one of those things where they're not sure that they have all the answers, or they're scared that they're going to make a mistake," said Associate Director of Admissions at Averett University Janet Schwalenberg.

"A lot of people get the idea that, they think that you know, when they see all this information, they think it's super overwhelming, but you know, the fact that we're to help them, it makes it a lot easier for them. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes just to fill out that FAFSA," Quilpa said.

Several families left the event with their FAFSA's completed.

"Oh they were great with helping us," parent Tami Voges.

"We have found it very helpful," said parent Adrian Bryan.

College advisors say that February 15th is the recommended deadline to get your FAFSA done.

Super Saturday is sponsored by the Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and partly funded by the College Access Challenge Grant Program.

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