Danville City Council Unanimously Votes Against Uranium Mining

Danville, VA-- Danville City Council voted unanimously to show their support for keeping the ban in place in a meeting Thursday night.

Their resolution also states that they are against any currents efforts to begin writing regulation to control uranium mining.

Danville City Council based their decision on a lot of research about uranium mining, and consideration of numerous studies.

They say uranium mining has the potential to bring much needed jobs to the area, but that's not good enough. Their resolution states that the negative environmental, health, and socioeconomic impacts of uranium mining, outweigh the expected benefits over the long term.

Councilman Lee Vogler said taking a stance on uranium mining is something that the citizens of Danville want and deserve from city council.

" They wanted us to take a stand one way or the other," Vogler said. "They didn't want us to sit back and say nothing. Legislatures from around the state want to know what are the people in the area that's going to affected by this, what do they think. And by us stepping up and taking a stance, I think we're speaking pretty clear about how we feel about the issue."

Their resolution also touched on the fact that if the ban was lifted, Virginia would need stricter regulations than those already at the state and federal level.

They say new regulations could not anticipate all the possible hazards and outcomes in our region.

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