Crews In Danville Prepare For Biggest Snowstorm In Years

Danville, VA - Everyone is preparing for this storm. Crews in Danville have been treating the roads all day long Tuesday.

Public Works has been putting brine down since 7 Tuesday morning, and they still have a few more hours of work left. They say they want to treat main roads before the snow gets here to help keep drivers safe.
As streets get prepped and crews stand by, Danville authorities say they are ready to take on this storm.

"It's been quite a few years since we've had this much snow, but yeah we are ready for it," said Barry Doebert, Administrative Division Director for Public Works.

With all eyes on the forecast, it's all hands on deck at Danville Public Works.
"Whether it is 2 inches or 12 inches or 50 inches, the start up is all the same. The duration of the storm is what changes," said Doebert.
They've sent three trucks to put down 45 thousand gallons of brine on primary roads. But once the snow starts falling, they change gears and switch to plows.
"We'll do our best to keep the primaries open, so the traffic can keep flowing," said Doebert.
Public Works says a storm of this size can be costly. They have around a half a million dollar budget for the year.
"A major snowstorm like this will probably take up a third of that," said Doebert.
Danville Utilities considers this the calm before the storm.
"We're put into a reactionary mode so that wherever the outages begin, that's where we will focus initially," said Ken Ashworth, Director of Power and Light Division of Danville Utilities.
They've scheduled crews to be on stand-by and have contacted partners they could call on. But even with preparations, they say there's only so much they can do.
"I'm sure there will be some outages, just with the traffic issues alone," said Ashworth.
If your power does go out, contact your utility provider.
The city's Emergency Management has contacted organizations for assistance with shelters, food, and supplies. They say the public will be informed if shelters become necessary and start to open.
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