Couple Sues Amherst Co. Habitat for Humanity After Getting Kicked Out of Program

    Amherst County, VA -{}A family's dream home has now turned into a legal nightmare. In 2013, the Amherst County Habitat for Humanity selected Shawn and Nicole Jones to purchase a house they would jointly build with Habitat. But a year later the non-profit de-selected the family, after the organization says Shawn Jones got into it with a habitat volunteer. In a letter the Amherst County Habitat for Humanity sent to the Jones', in 2013, they listed a number of reasons for which they can terminate the contract. Some of those reasons included not putting in the required hours to help build, or not paying the down payment for instance. But the couple says none of those reasons were why Habitat ended up breaking off the partnership. According to court documents, the Jones's were quote "actively engaging in their duties and responsibilities" under the contract when a disagreement took place between Shawn Jones and another volunteer. A few weeks later Habitat sent the couple a letter saying they were de-selecting them from the program. Habitat claims the reason was because of the couple's negative and hostile behavior toward volunteers -- including an incident where they cursed at one volunteer. They also listed the couple's unwillingness to address or apologize for their bad behavior as part of the reason.{} But in their lawsuit the couple says those are not viable reasons, under the contract, to terminate the partnership. The Jones's are asking for $150-thousand dollars or the fair market value of the house. We reached out to both parties for a comment but they declined.{}

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