Cooler March Weather Means Higher Bills for Residents

Lynchburg, VA - The cold temperatures in March did more than just chill some of us to the bone. It caused many of our electric bills to spike.

Normally in March, we're using less electricity because it's warming up and most of us are using less heat. But that wasn't the case for many people around our area, and now they're seeing the results of doing that -- on their March electric statements.

You can probably imagine Tammy Cuoghi's face when she opened up here electric bill and saw a whopping $147 bill, $70 higher than what she paid this time last year.

"It's normally about $77 and some change. I freaked. I thought I had messed up. I was thinking, what did I leave on? Did I forget to unplug an appliance," said Cuoghi.

She didn't forget to do anything. She, just like most of us, was using more heat.

"We normally only keep it at like 60, in the 60s, we had to like put up in the 70s to keep the house warm," said Cuoghi.

"Just when you're planning to turn your electricity down or even off in this spring weather because you don't really don't need the air conditioning and you really don't need the heat, you get hit with the only major snow storm we had all year. So the heat's right back up and you're running it again," said Jamie Warrick.

Salvation Army Center of Hope Director Jamie Warrick says she's hearing many stories like Cuoghi's. But there are options for people out there.

If you've received a disconnect notice, you may be eligible to get money from agencies. Try the Salvation Army, United Way, Interfaith Outreach, Lyn-Cag and Social Services.

Cuoghi and her husband paid the bill, but are hoping this won't happen again, any time soon.

"Hopefully we'll start warming up and have some nice weather from here on out."

The Salvation Army says most agencies usually pay in the form of pledges once a year, unless there is some sort of extenuating circumstance. But you can collect pledges from multiple agencies. You can also try churches for help as well.

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