Congressman Presents Flag to Life Saving Crew Widow in Bedford

Bedford, VA - Congressman Robert Hurt presented a flag that was flown over the United States Capitol to the widow of long-time life saving crew member Lynch Manley in Bedford Wednesday.

Manley joined the rescue squad in 1964. He responded to more than 20,000 calls over nearly five decades.

Hurt thanked Manley's wife Julie during a ceremony outside the Bedford Life Saving Crew hall.

"It's a great part of my job to be able to recognize Lynch Manley," said Hurt. "To be able to be here with his widow Julie is really very meaningful to me and quite frankly just a great honor."

"He had more than squad fever. He couldn't stand to even hear a box go off if he couldn't go," said Julie Manley. "When he was sick, he wouldn't even leave it on and listen to it for a long time. He finally got to listen a little bit, but it was really hard because he thought if it went off and he heard it, he had to go."

Lynch Manley passed away in March. He was 80 years old.

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