Clinton Speaks to a Packed House in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - It was a packed house Saturday night in Roanoke as crowds flocked to hear what former president Bill Clinton had to say about another term for current President Barack Obama .

Patrick Henry High School played host to the former president. Clinton spoke for about an hour and half, and touched on key Democratic talking points.

More than 2,000 supporters began lining up at 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon, all anxious to hear from the 42nd president.

The High School is very familiar for Clinton. He campaigned in the very spot in 2008. Back then it was for his wife, but Saturday, it was for the man who beat his wife for the Democratic nomination four years ago.

"Let me say it is a great honor for me to do all these campaign stops for President Obama," said Clinton.

After warming the crowd up, Clinton went straight to foreign Policy.

"He has ended the war in Iraq, he has reduced our forces in Afghanistan, and he is bringing them home. He has vigorously pursued terrorism, and he has vigorously pursued diplomacy, trying to make the world with more partners and fewer adversaries."

Clinton also spent a lot of time focusing on energy.

Today, thanks to Barack Obama we have 175,000 good jobs in solar and wind energy, and they pay above average wages."

And he went on to speak about the national debt.

"What I want to know is, if this is such a big deal, how come the only candidate in this race for president that has published a budget that meets the arithmetic test is President Barack Obama?"

And the former president couldn't leave the audience without mentioning a talking point that has become popular with the Democratic party.

"You know we do have this huge public health epidemic in America called Romnesia."

Those who waited hours to see the former president, say he delivered exactly what they came to hear.

"Absolutely wonderful. He really told it like it is and I really believe in Obama and that he is going to carry this country forward, and couldn't have been happier with what happened tonight," said Sandra Stewart, who attended the rally.

Clinton also made a joke about one of President Obama's cabinet members, saying that Obama has a heck of a Secretary of State. Of course that Secretary of State is Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton.

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