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Classmate of Jesse Matthew Speaks Out

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Lynchburg, VA- "I would help him with his school work, we'd eat breakfast in the mornings before going to our first class, I knew then that he, I was honestly shocked that he was able to attend college." That's a quote from a Lynchburg woman, who did not want to be identified, talking about the time she spent in college with Jesse Matthew.

Matthew is charged with abducting UVA student Hannah Graham. Matthew's lawyer James Camblos spoke Tuesday, saying Charlottesville Police haven't told him what evidence they have against him. He says he met with Matthew for about two and a half hours Tuesday. State Police said yesterday Matthew's arrest provided a forensic link to the death of Morgan Harrington, who disappeared in Charlottesville in 2009.

We sat down with a former Liberty University classmate of Matthew's Tuesday, and she says she just doesn't see how Jesse Matthew could commit any sort of violent crime.

She describes Jesse Matthew, or "LJ" as a big teddy bear. She says he was always nice, respectful, and fun to hang out with. She hasn't seen or spoken to Matthew since she says he suddenly left LU in 2002. But she does say he's someone who could fall under the wrong influence just because he doesn't know any better.

"My concern for him is that he's incompetent to stand trial, to go through this, and like I've said, I'd hate for someone to be thrown under the bus, or for their lives to be ruined if this wasn't the case. Or if he you know, since it doesn't look good for him with the evidence, if he's working in connection with someone else or he's the middle man, to do what's right."

During their years together at LU, she says she helped him with his class work and it was then she realized his intelligence level was not up to par.

"When I was looking over his work, it was truly at the age of Grammar school. It was see spot run, with handwriting to match."

That's one of the reasons this woman says she'd be shocked if he committed these crimes. She says she doesn't want people to jump to judgment.

"It was almost as if you were going to school with a little kid, but he was a sweet kid, and he was fun to be around, but maybe that was only one side I saw."

When asked, the former classmate said if she could say anything to Matthew, it would be that if he knows anything or is working with anyone, to please tell the details to the police.

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"My basic concern is that he doesn't understand the boundaries when it comes to women or other people."

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