Chestnut Seedlings Planted at Georgia-Pacific's Big Island Mill

Big Island, VA - Georgia-Pacific's Big Island Mill has some new residence.The American Chestnut Foundation was at the mill Wednesday, planting 60 chestnut seedlings. It's part of Georgia-Pacific's commitment to restore the American Chestnut to its original habitat.The American Chestnut population has been severely depleted in the eastern U.S. because of disease. "Anywhere in the Appalachians the Chestnut was prolific but mainly on well drained more upland sites. So up here kind of up near the top of these ridges would be a great place for Chestnut," said Matt Brinckman, Mid-Atlantic Regional Science Coordinator for The American Chestnut Foundation. In 2011, the American Chestnut Foundation planted 560 seedlings at the Big Island site.Some of the seedlings died due to mold after getting a lot of rain last summer.
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