Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Break-Ins

Lynchburg, VA- Chestnut Hill Baptist Church along Fort Avenue in Lynchburg has been broken into twice in one week.

According to church officials, someone broke into the church early Friday morning and then again on Saturday night.

Pastors os the church found their offices rummaged through, file cabinets destroyed, and door locks pried. As a church, they'd think would get a little more respect.

"This is like home and you know we're a family of Christians and it's like your home has been invaded," said Randy Bower who is the Pastor at Chestnut Hill Baptist Church.

It was early Friday morning when the Youth Pastor and custodian realized someone had broken into the church. Doors had been pried open, offices rummaged through, windows broken.

"It's unnerving," said Bower.

The Lynchburg Baptist Association shares part of the church building. They had some electronics stolen too.

"It's a sense of invasion and a loss of security," said Mitch Lukie of the Lynchburg Baptist Association.

Matt Kozma, the Youth Pastor, felt that same loss when got to his office Friday morning and his things had been tampered with.

"I think they were looking for money. There's a lot of things they could have took I suppose, I mean things that were left behind so we just figured they were trying to do a quick smash and grab and get some money," said Kozma.

The church says early Sunday morning, they noticed more vandalism... but don't believe anything else was taken. Lynchburg Police are investigating the break-ins.

"Our crime scene unit did process the scene and we are looking into the evidence we have collected and are pursuing all the leads that we have," said Lt. David Gearhart of LPD.

The church says they hope something good will come out of this.

'We're here to serve the community and serve the community and reach the community and you know if somebody needs help that bad, you know, you don't have to steal. Just come and talk to us," said Bower.

Lynchburg Police say they don't have any suspects yet. As for the church they say they are discussing new security options. They say they always thought locked doors were enough, but after this, they may think about something else, like an alarm system, or surveillance cameras.

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