Charlotte Co. Man May Have Killed Largest Bear in VA History

Charlotte Co., VA - A Charlotte County native may have killed the largest bear in Virginia on record.

Tyler Napier was hunting Saturday morning on his parent's farm in Keysville when he came across a black bear.

The bear weighs 728 pounds and is 7' 2" inches tall.

Last year, the largest bear killed in the Commonwealth was 674 pounds.

It took five people and a tractor to pull this weekend's bear out of the woods.

Napier says he's seen the bear from time to time on his parent's property, but never got close enough to shoot it until this weekend.

"The only time I was a little nervous was when I shot. I actually shot the bear five times, and then it actually rolled over and roared at me. And that's when I was nervous, because I was out of bullets of course," Napier said.

The bear is at Duffy's Mini-mart in Lunenburg County where Napier hopes to get it mounted. He says officials will measure its skull to determine whether it is in fact the largest on record.

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