Campbell County School Bus Cameras Capture Reckless Driving

Campbell Co., VA - Campbell County School Officials already have a big problem on their hands, saying people are speeding up and running around stopped school buses that have their stop arm extended.

It is a problem everywhere, but Campbell County now has the video to show for it; they have installed side bus cameras.{}

The cameras are catching people left and right breaking the law. According to the Sheriff's Office, the type of driving is considered reckless, which is a class one misdemeanor.

Video from the cameras shows disturbing images again and again. Cars driving past the stopped school bus. The clips are all from one day, from just one driver side camera.

"You can see how dangerous it was as these children were boarding the bus," said Campbell County Director of Operations, Tim Hoden.

Hoden calls it a problem.

"It's never ok to pass a school bus from behind," said Hoden.

The school system is taking matters into their own hands with cameras and they are capturing their fair share of people breaking the law.

"I think it really does help. Because I save a child's life one afternoon," said Campbell County School Bus Driver and Coordinator, Brenda Hamlette.

Hamlette has been a school bus driver for 18 years. She credits the cameras for keeping kids safe.

"This car would not stop and knew she would not have made it," said Hamlette.

A large part of the district's buses now have four cameras; three on the inside, one on the outside.

"All of the new buses that we got this year have this system in it," said Hoden.

According to Hoden, they are seeing a lot of the dangerous driving on Timberlake Road and Liberty Mountain Drive.

"It's a big safety issue," said Hoden.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office says if a judge finds you guilty of this, the maximum punishment is 12 months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

We want to make it clear, in all the videos, bus drivers kept the kids on the bus.

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