Businesses Thriving in Warm Weather

Lynchburg, VA - Of all weeks, Governor McDonnell has declared this winter preparedness week. Despite recent warm weather, it will get colder with time, and several area businesses really want it to.

Ski resorts and outdoor clothing stores want the snow and cold. Some businesses like lawn care companies, really love this warm weather.

"The more work, the better," said Dustin Gilliam with Larry's Tree Service.

"It's very exciting especially in months like these - in the winter months. Especially with it being Christmas, we need to make all the money that we can for Christmas gifts, stuff like that, family," said Gilliam.

Larry's Tree Service is busy making money before the season's first snowfall.

"Snow days, we can't really do a whole lot of work," said Gilliam.

Blaine Martin with Lawn Doctor of Central Virginia agrees.

"When that hits, we're basically handcuffed as far as working outside," said Martin.

Right now, his crew is working hard to meet demands.

"We're staying busy," said Martin.

Martin says the warm wild winter so far helps in several ways.

"The appearance of grass, the overall health," said Martin.

Martin says they are also able to get out and finish their late fall fertilizing treatments.

At Lowe's in Madison Heights, shelves are fully stocked.

"We have the snow shovels, the machines outside, everything on the outside," said R. Stuart Jones, a Lowe's employee. "It's a little warm outside. Kind of hard to make people want to go out and pick up shovels."

Jones is hopeful and guesses that we will see some snow soon.

"Give it time, I think we're going to have a white Christmas," said Jones.

Jones says during the heavy snows two years ago, they did not have a shovel in the building. As soon as more arrived, customers quickly grabbed them from their shelves.

So far this year, the store has plenty of winter supplies.

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