Body Camp Elementary School Using DreamBox Game To Teach Math

Bedford Co, VA - There is nothing like a good game app to get your child's interest going. Now one school system is letting the kids play in class!

Body Camp Elementary school in Bedford County started using DreamBox Software this year. It is an app that helps students get excited about math. The school had low test scores in mathematics. Now every student is using this software, and they say they already see improvements.

"It teaches me lots of stuff," said third grade student Camella Dunbar.

"It helps the teacher be able to teach the student where they're at-- at their level," said first grade teacher Roxanne Rouillier who has been a teacher for 18 years. She never imagined what a helpful tool she would have in DreamBox program. She said it brings enrichment to her class room and it is working.

"80 plus five and then they add one more and they made 86, so they have a really good number sense," said Rouillier.

"Most of our kids have made a year's worth of growth in math already," said Scott Graham who is the principal of the school.

Children have 20 minutes a day with DreamBox. The app runs on iPads, computers, and smart boards and you can even use it at home.

"They really feel like they're playing games instead of doing a lot of rigorous math content but that's in fact what they're doing is a lot of rigorous math work," said Graham.

Teachers can print out a report that shows what level a student is on, so it makes it easier for them to teach.

"It's constantly accessing, as they're playing the game it's accessing it and it'll go back down a level or it will take them up if they need it," said Rouillier.

The students hardly even realize it is more than just a game.

"We hear them say all the time, 'I just beat that fractions lesson!' and it's really exciting for us when kids are excited about math," said Graham.

The school says they are looking forward to taking their math SOL's this Spring. They expect the use of the DreamBox program to improve school's scores.

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