"Ban The Grinch Rally" Supports No Pipeline

Nelson County, VA- They say it's the Grinch that tried to steal their Christmas after Dominion Power announced their plans to sue at least 20 land owners for denying them surveying rights. Close to a hundred people met Saturday morning to raise awareness about it.

Those against the pipeline say they want to "Ban the Grinch", Dominion Power, from running the pipeline through Nelson County. Those that met at Rockfish Valley Community Center say the public has to know about the effects the pipeline would have on the community.

"Would be such a travesty for our county," said Marion Kanour who organized the event.

Kanour says if the pipeline comes through Nelson County it will disrupt agro tourism, ecotourism, and water sources. But the main problem she has -- people could be forced from homes they've occupied for generations.

"I feel terrible knowing that it's coming through, we live on some of the land-- and I'm the 7th generation to own that and we hate to see it desecrated like it is, not only my land but nelson county as a whole," said John Purvis who owns land in Nelson County..

The group says Dominion Power wants to survey some of the land--but many refuse.

"They're about to serve 20 people with notices to sue them for the privilege of surveying their land."

That's why those gathered say they're meeting to protest and raise awareness. Amelia Williams owns 500 acres jointly with 60 other adults and the 20 children who live there. She says the pipeline is mapped to run through a full mile of their community-- and Dominion is about to sue them since they denied them survey rights.

"It's a theft of our future because what young back tot he land individual is going to now want to come and join our community and be a part of this endeavor that we've had together for 40 years," said Williams.

Williams says the pipeline will run through the community gardens where they grow their food, the pastures where they raise their animals, and some of their homes.

"I thought our community could go on for generations and generations, I had no idea that a private company could come and do this to us and I'm shocked," said Williams.

Many say rather than a gas pipeline they want to see renewable sources used for energy. They also say they hope Dominion will consider re-mapping the pipeline so it doesn't go through their homes and businesses.

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