Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17

Reporter: Jeremy Mills

Lynchburg, VA - Black cats are often the last ones to be adopted and frequently the ones put to sleep in shelters, according to animal shelter workers.

"Because of the culture and the bad luck idea and witches and black cats, I think they got a bad rap," said Makena Yarbrough, the executive director of the Lynchburg Humane Society.

But the problem might go deeper than that. The black fur just doesn't show up well in a shelter cage.

"Sometimes, groups will put colorful scarfs or something to bring attention to them because they can disappear in the cages," said Yarbrough.

June Bryant says the thought of black cat discrimination is tough to take.

"We're partial to all cats, I mean I don't care what color they are," said Bryant.

Her daughter has continued to bring home black cats.

"I love the black cats cause she has three and the last one she got from over here," said Bryant.

"Obviously, I see a lot of cats in the shelter environment and I think they are the friendliest of them all," said Yarbrough.

Wednesday, August 17, is National Black Cat Awareness Day, dedicated to getting more friendly felines adopted.

The Lynchburg shelter is doing its part.

"We will put all black cats on special for $10. We'll get them adopted," said Yarbrough.

The problem is not just with black cats. Shelter workers say they also frequently see 'black dog syndrome.'

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