AREVA Inc. Sponsoring D-Day 70th Anniversary Events

Lynchburg, VA - AREVA Inc. is the premier sponsor of the D-Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration in Bedford.

The company has partnered with The National D-Day Memorial since the memorial opened in 2001.

President and CEO Michael Rencheck says with AREVA's global headquarters in France, the event is very special to the company.

"There's such a tie between the United States and France in the pursuit of liberty over the years, it just seemed natural for AREVA to do that," said Rencheck. "Here with our largest presence in Lynchburg, right beside Bedford, it made all the sense in the world for us."

The commemoration begins with a ceremony on June 6 at The National D-Day Memorial.

That weekend there will be a USO show, a performance by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and a military parade.

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