Appomattox Man Recreates Town Landmarks Out of Wood

Appomattox, Co., VA- A handy man has created wooden models of many of the town's landmarks, including the historical McLean House to Granny Bees restaurant.

He says he does it with a little plywood, a little paint and a lot of patience.

Charlie Baelz is 89 years old and ever since he retired....

"This is where I spend most of my time, I try to stay out of my wife's way," said Baelz.

He's made about a dozen finished miniatures so far.

"I've never really kept time because sometimes I get disgusted with it. I have to walk away it gets on my nerves," said Baelz.

Baelz starts with a picture and then he scales it down to model size, draws it out and cuts accordingly.

His daughter Gale does the painting.

"I've just had a love of it since I was a child, said Gale McCraw.

Together, they've made mini versions of just about anything... from the rescue squad to the Babcock House.

"I used to make two of each of course it was so much easier, if I goofed on one I had one to fall back on, said Baelz"

His latest projects are Cardinal Chevrolet and the Times Virginian building.

Baelz says he'll take orders but he prefers the surprises.

"Just to see the reaction of people when I present it to's self satisfaction, said Baelz."

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