Appomattox Gets an Ice Rink

    Reporter: Sally Delta

    Appomattox, VA - The town of Appomattox is taking the Christmas spirit to a whole new level this holiday season. This year they installed a synthetic ice skating rink smack in the middle of downtown.

    "Anything you can do on real ice, you can do on synthetic ice," said Pastor Rusty Small, Liberty Baptist Church.

    Appomattox residents heard about an ice rink coming to town, but said they'd have to see it to believe it.

    "Yeah, I didn't know how they were going to do it, but when I came and saw it, I was impressed," said Kasandra Granato, who grew up in Appomattox.

    Much like a puzzle, piece by piece it came together.

    "It goes down almost like hardwood flooring and you put a solution on top of it," said Pastor Small.

    They used real ice skates and some said it was even better than the real thing.

    "It's a lot easier than skating on actual ice. You're a lot more stable," said Granato.

    "It's not as slippery and in real life (on real ice), it's slipperier," said Gray Peterson, who skated on the synthetic rink.

    Liberty Baptist Church in Appomattox came up with the idea and sponsored the event. The rink was their contribution to the annual Appomattox Christmas Festival.

    "I think they provide excellent opportunities for family fun. They do the sleigh riding, water slide and now the ice rink," said Lara Peterson, who lives in Appomattox.

    And so for the first time in history Appomattox went ice skating on Main Street.

    "We don't have a lot of offer the young people and we thought this would be real nice," said June Chenault, with the Appomattox Chamber of Commerce.

    Sunday evening, the rink will come apart and get re-assembled across town in the Wilbun's parking lot. It will stay up from Monday to Saturday of this coming week and all are invited to come and skate for free.

    What is a synthetic ice rink?

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