Animal Shelters Receive Dozens of Calls About Animals Out in the Cold

Danville, VA - Animal Shelters in our area have gotten a number of calls about animals being left out in the cold.

The Danville Area Humane Society received 50 calls in the last 24 hours about stray animals are pets without proper shelter. Danville police dispatch got dozens of calls as well.

In Lynchburg, a total of 15 calls for animal welfare checks came in between today and last night.Experts say they are glad to see that people are concerned about the animals during this frigid weather.
The Humane Society wants to remind pet owners that the best place for companion animals is inside.
If you can't bring them in, make sure they have good shelter, preferably a structure that has it's on floor to keep them off the ground.
Also make sure they have food and water that is not frozen.

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