Amherst County Schools Efficiency Study Temporarily Taken Down

Several Amherst County residents raised concerns after the schools' efficiency study was temporarily taken offline. The study has since been put back up. According to the superintendent, the county attorney requested that it be taken down due to concerns about inaccuracies she found. Board of Supervisors member Claudia Tucker says she was flooded with phone calls Saturday from concerned residents, unable to find the schools' efficiency study online. "Actually some of them called because they thought the school board website was down" said Tucker. But it wasn't down. According to the county administrator, the county attorney requested the study be taken down until legal issues where sorted out about factual inaccuracies she had spotted. "I took it down to give me an opportunity to go through the document and make sure it matched what was on the website" said Amherst County Schools Superintendent Steven Nichols. After reviewing the study and contacting Prismatic representatives who conducted it, Superintendent Steven Nichols says he decided to put it back online. "Some individuals basically didn't like what they heard... Well, it is what it is" said Dr. Nichols. Tucker says she too was surprised when she heard the study had been taken down. She says not all county board members were aware of this decision. "It appeared to me that there was a conversation between the chair of the board of supervisors and county attorney and I don't know what others" said Tucker. Tucker says the so-called discrepancies the county attorney brought up, were issues that had already been discussed in the past. "I would've liked to be part of the decision making process, because regardless of whether or not I agree at least I'd been part of the process" said Tucker. Both the county board and the school board have agreed to spend several weeks reviewing the study before they discuss it. They plan on holding work sessions later this year.
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