Adult Video Store Says Randy Taylor Stopped in Their Store Aug. 3

Nelson Co., VA - Management at an adult video store say Randy Taylor purchased two videos the same evening Alexis Murphy went missing.

Theresa Phillips was Randy Taylor's boss.

"I have a beauty queen for a daughter. She's 19 years old. She's Miss VA United States. Never had a problem with him. He was in a room with her a week and a half ago before all this happened [and] on Friday night, the day before the girl went missing. Never acted inappropriate. Never did anything inappropriate," said Phillips.

Phillips said in the five years she knew Taylor, she never noticed anything suspicious.

"He would do anything I asked him to do. He was a very nice guy," Phillips added.

Phillips says Taylor washed cars at her business Drive Away Motors and also worked as her personal assistant, off and on for five years.

"I don't know what to think or believe. I just have no idea," Phillips said.

According to Phillips, Taylor was always up front about his past.

"We knew he had a past but we believe in second chances. We knew about his arson charge," Phillips said.

An arson charge is just one of several charges Randy Taylor has seen in his lifetime. He has records in Greene County, Albemarle County, and Virginia Beach.

Taylor was arrested and convicted of arson in Albemarle County in February 2005. He was given a two-year suspended sentence. As part of a plea deal, Taylor was ordered to pay an insurance company a little more than $19,000.

Taylor didn't pay, and was called back to court in 2011.

In 1992, Taylor was convicted of statutory burglary and grand larceny in Virginia Beach.

Taylor's most recent charge is in Greene County for petit larceny in February of this year.

Another place Taylor was spotted was Ultimate Bliss Adult Store in Charlottesville on August 3, the night Alexis went missing. Management says he was there at 5 p.m. and seemed "normal".

Management says Taylor bought two adult videos, paid with a $100 bill and left.

The manager at the adult store says Taylor had been in the store a few times.

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