Adult Store Owner Expands to NC, Raises Questions About Potential Zoning Issue in Danville

Pittsylvania Co., VA -Kenny Post had no idea how successful his adult store Shhh...Intimacy on a New Level would be in Pittsylvania County, but the response has been overwhelming.

"It just kept growing month after month, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger," said Post.

Last year, county officials ordered the store to close. But Post and his business partners won that battle, and the publicity brought them even more support.

"People like the location of it to keep from driving out of town and they like the discreteness of it," said Post.

They originally wanted to open in a higher traffic area of Danville. Post was told his store would violate a zoning code that restricts adult entertainment from certain areas. But he says there's another store selling adult gifts in a retail area.

Spencer's is a popular retail chain located inside malls across the country, including the Danville Mall. We checked both stores and found some novelty adult items at Spencer's, similar to those in Post's store. Zoning officials declined to comment.

But parents we spoke with say the store, which is open to all ages, should not allow children inside.

At Post's store, you must be 18 to enter. He wants to see Spencer's adopt that same policy.

The Spencer's Store in Danville says they have a strict policy, restricting minors from purchasing sexually explicit items. And they monitor that section of the store for kids.

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