ABC Store Moving to Keysville

Charlotte Co, VA - An ABC Store is opening up in Keysville for the first time ever. The opening, however will close the Drake's Branch ABC store eight miles away.

Residents of Drakes Branch are not happy about the move. The ABC store has been a part of their landscape for 60 years.

"It's just a sad situation," said Norman Wilmoth, Owner of American Pride Services, LLC.

Locals in Drakes Branch say losing their liquor isn't what they are worried about.

For Leroy McCargo, it's where his friends are.

"Drakes is almost like a ghost town now," Leroy McCargo said. "I'm not drinking but I pass through here 10 times a day."

McCargo says hasn't had a drink in about two years. He also says the move will affect sales everywhere in town.

"If you stop buying alcohol you're going to stop buying a pack of cigarettes too," McCargo said.

Norman Wilmoth just opened the American Pride gas station in Drakes Branch last November.

I'm trying to build this little town back up to what it used to be," Wilmoth said. "This is where I grew up this is where I live so to see business go out you know, it's painful."

The move will take place this summer.

Virginia ABC said the move to relocate is purely a business decision and is not a reflection on the Drakes Branch community.

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