5 Year Anniversary of Morgan Harrington's Death Brings Awareness For Other Missing Girls

Charlottesville, VA- It's been 5 years since Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington was last seen after leaving a Metallica concert at UVA. Friday many came together to remember her on the bridge where she was last spotted alive.

Morgan's parents say they are some of the lucky ones, their daughter's body was found.

But for the many other families of missing girls in the area they say they want the same amount of closure for them.

"Morgan left the John Paul Jones Arena and somehow ended up on this bridge and this was the last place that Morgan was seen alive," said Dan Harrington.

100 days later her body was found on Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County.

"For the last five years we have decided as a family that evil cannot win," said Harrington.

The Harrington's used their tragedy to start Help Save the Next Girl- a non-profit raising awareness to end violence against young women.

Gil Harrington read a poem she wrote for Morgan's funeral, reminding the crowd that so many of the families, like Alexis Murphy's and Hannah Graham's have not been able to have that closure. And Aunt of missing teen Alexis Murphy, Trina Murphy closed in prayer. Murphy asked for Jesse Matthew to be moved to tell something about the whereabouts of Hannah Graham.

"Regardless of his situation or his circumstances right now, he is still your child and somewhere in him is some compassion that you put there and I'm asking you Lord to go in there and touch that place of compassion and bring this family the closure that they need," said Murphy.

Hannah Graham's parents declined to speak to the public or the media, but they did tie an orange ribbon in Hannah's honor to the pole on the bridge.

Hannah has been missing for 34 days.

Captain Pleasants with Charlottesville Police says crews have covered most of the eight mile radius where Graham was last seen. Now Pleasants says they are going back to search the difficult spots in that 8 mile search area, that had rough terrain or thick brush.

They are also following up on tips. This weekend students from the FBI Academy are coming to Charlottesville to help search. Graham's been missing for more than a month.

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