150 Foot High Steeple Soon to Return to Lynchburg Church

Sally Delta inspects the damage for herself from 150 feet in the air.

Lynchburg, VA - Crews have been working at Holy Cross Catholic Church for the last few months, repairing part of the roof, steeple and the cross that sits at the very top that had to be removed.

The church was in serious need of some renovations and soon, the steeple is going back up.

Holy Cross Catholic Church has been around for 130 years. Over time, wind, rain, and even termites have done quite a bit of damage to the church.

The part right underneath the cross, called the finial, saw the worst of the damage.

Dick Kingsley is a member of the church. He's also project manager.

"It looks like a church, like an artist's rendering of a church," Kingsley said.

Part of the base of the steeple had been attacked by termites.

"This is the 133 year old brass cross," Kingsley explained.

The cross is made of brass and came down months ago in pretty good shape. The part actually holding it up called the finial, didn't look so good, though.

"It looked like it was in need of repair," Roofing Foreman Lyle Bandurski said.

"It eventually would have fallen," Kingsley said.

Workers sent the finial off to be remade to better withstand the elements. Now it's back and ready for 'top off', as they call it.

Roofing foreman Lyle Bandurski offered to take me up to see its final resting place.

"This is the rod that goes over the finial and then the rod goes over the top of this," Bandurski said.

As of now, the plan is to set the cross some time Thursday evening.

Lyle says the steeple should last another 130 years.

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