Suspended LU professor found guilty for filming teens in a bathroom at his home
David DeHaven, of Fincastle, was charged with six counts of unlawful video of a person during an incident last March. His trial started Thursday, July 16 where partygoers testified he had a camera on a toilet that filmed several teenagers (BCSO)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A former adjunct Liberty University business professor has been found guilty for filming and photographing minors while they were undressed.

A Botetourt County judge found David DeHaven guilty of three misdemeanors of unlawful video of a person in a state of undress and four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

DeHaven's son's girlfriend testified that she found what appeared to be a USB charger that had a camera directly in front of the toilet while using the bathroom during a party at the home in March 2019. She said that she remembered hearing a story about Virginia Tech students finding cameras in the bathrooms, so she checked it out.

DeHaven's son's girlfriend testified she noticed an SD card in the device, so she took it and called her parents.

Her family viewed the footage on the device and said they found videos of six to seven teenagers using the bathroom.

The girlfriend's mother testified that she called DeHaven to address what they found. She said DeHaven told her it was his and to give it back or destroy it. Instead, the family turned it over to the police a month later.

The prosecution called multiple witnesses from the party to the stand during DeHaven's trial. They were questioned about if they had knowledge of them being recorded, but all of them said they did not.

The defense called multiple witnesses including DeHaven's fiance and two sons. All stated they knew about having devices in the home, but all stated different reasons for having them. DeHaven testified and said he initially got them to put into place to see if his ex-wife was taking anything from the home. He then says he used it as a charger because the bathroom was the only place that had service, that was next to his office. He also added that he used it to see if the maid was cleaning a cob web. The defense argued he had no intention or knowledge that the camera was going to record kids because there were not supposed to be people over that night. They said he would normally move the camera if people were coming over.

The defense argued he did not supply any drinks to the kids.

The judge said he came to guilty verdicts based on DeHaven's testimony, which stated one of the reasons he put a camera in the bathroom was to film a maid to see if she was actually cleaning a cob web or not.

On the counts of delinquency of a minor, the judge said based on witness testimony DeHaven checked on the kids on two different occasions briefly who openly had alcohol, and because he reprimanded his son in prior weekends for having a party, that he had the knowledge that the kids were drinking underage.

The school suspended him in August pending an outcome of the investigation.

He will be sentenced in October.

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