Wear Orange Weekend: Lynchburg mom fights gun violence, honors slain son
A group gathered to fight gun violence and honor victims of gun violence. (Credit: Chelsea King, ABC13)

A Lynchburg mom is using Wear Orange Weekend, a national gun violence prevention movement, to call attention to gun violence and provide resources to underserved communities.

"Today, we are bringing awareness to the Wear Orange Weekend, bringing education about gun violence and how we can end it in the black community," said Brenda Moss, founder of the Shawn Moss Wellness and Growth Foundation, an organization that aims to decrease gun violence through education and wellness services.

She held a family-friendly event Saturday at Daniels Hill Recreation Center, where family members who lost a loved one at the hand of gun violence could create a Soul Box.

"A Soul Box is a way to honor a loved one or someone that you know that has been wounded or injured by gun violence or taken away by gun violence. It's a way to honor them," said Moss.

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Honoring a loved one is something Moss knows all too well.

"On my son's Soul Box, we found a picture of a basketball because he loves basketball," she said.

Her son, Shawn Moss, was shot multiple times and killed back in 2014.

Brenda started the Shawn Moss Wellness and Growth Foundation in his honor.

"I think it's really important to consider how you are feeling, said Julie Palmer, a mental health clinician at Anderson's Counseling Center.

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Julia Palmer partnered with Moss on Saturday's event.

Palmer says having an outlet to express grief is vital.

"The Soul Boxes are a great way for families of victims to be able to work through their grief and their loss," she said.

It's also a way to have something to hold onto in memory of a loved one.

"When our loved ones are taken, we don't have anything to hold onto we think everything is gone, a Soul Box is just what it says, the soul of a person that honors them," said Moss.

A basketball tournament was also held in Shawn's honor, as well as a self-care event for survivors of gun violence.

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