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      You'll need the big coat and gloves for the rest of the week and weekend as we head into the coldest stretch so far this winter.

      Today will be partly cloudy and dry with only mountain snow showers possible.

      It'll be cold as we'll only make it into the mid 30s this afternoon with gusty west winds.

      Lows fall into the teens tonight with continued blustery winds. Please remember to bring all pets inside. Wind chills will be quite low by Thursday morning.

      Sunny for Thursday, but turning colder with afternoon temperatures only rising into the upper 20s to lower 30s.

      Friday will be the "warmest" day of the week with highs in the upper 30s.

      The weekend will be dry, but frigid. Highs stay in the 20s with overnight lows in the teens and even single digits.

      We'll stay below freezing all weekend.

      Looking ahead to next week, a mix of rain and snow is possible on Monday. This does NOT look like a major winter storm though small accumulations are possible.

      Highs reach the mid 30s on Monday and we're back into the 40s by Tuesday.

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