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      Good Wednesday to you!

      Summary: Warm and increasingly humid day are ahead with highs in the mid 80s for most of us, and near 90 for Southside thru Thursday and Friday. Slight rain chances each afternoon beginning tomorrow.

      Your Wednesday night will be mostly clear, mild and dry with lows near 60.

      Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be partly cloudy with very warm afternoons. Highs will range from 85 to 90 in our area. A few showers will develop each afternoon. The rain will first develop in the mountains, then move eastward across the Heart of Virginia, so if you get rain, the rain will move in from the west.

      Rain increases on Sunday and Memorial Day as a tropical-like weather system in the Atlantic brings rain to Virginia and the Carolinas.

      Right now, data shows that Sunday will be a few passing showers while Memorial Day will be occasional rain. There is much uncertainty in the timing and amounts of rain right now-- heavy rain could be possible Monday.

      Stay tuned to us for the newest info on the rain. George

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