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      Good Monday Evening!

      It was a chilly, damp and dreary day today. We'll see more of the same both tonight and tomorrow as more waves of energy ride up a stalled out boundary stationed just south and east of our area.

      Overnight, rainfall will continue. Some of the pockets of rain could fall moderately to heavy at times. Temperatures with the low clouds and rainfall are, for the most part, going to stay where they are. They may lower another 3 or 4 degrees by daybreak and that would just about do it. Lows area wide should be in the upper 30s to lower 40s. With calm winds, we also are concerned with fog developing tonight and tomorrow morning.

      Tuesday brings more of the same as more passing showers. When it's not raining, expect to be locked in with a good abundance of cloud cover. Winds tomorrow will start to shift out of the south, so temperatures will get a little warmer than today. Highs tomorrow should at least hit the lower 50s. Western locations actually may get warmer than Central Virginia as the wedge slowly begins to erode.

      Wednesday morning still looks wet, but the next boundary slowly begins to kick the stalled boundary out to see and we'll see an end to the rain. Total Rainfall Accumulations between now and Wednesday stand between 1.50-3" of rainfall. Isolated higher amounts are possible. While we don't expect widespread problems, if you live near a stream, creek or riverbed, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on it over the next 48hrs as we could see isolated flooding concerns. Behind the boundary, Thursday through next Monday brings Sunshine and temperatures in the middle-upper 50s.

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