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      Good Sunday!

      Today we'll be watching a coastal storm continue to ride up the coast. Normally, we'd be a little concerned with a system like this with cool air overhead; however, this one looks to stay safely out at sea. It will, however, stream clouds into the area. The farther east you go, the better chance you have of running into rain and snow. The farther west you go, the more sunshine you'll see. Officially, tomorrow afternoon, we'll call it a blend of sun and clouds. I think all moisture stays east of our viewing area. Highs this afternoon will be in the low to middle 50s.

      Monday we're watching a clipper system approach. Normally these aren't a big deal. However, this one has a little bit more moisture to work with. We expect the moisture to cross over the mountains into our area on Monday afternoon and continue through Tuesday morning. Any accumulation would be light in nature. With the greatest accumulations coming along and west of the blue ridge. Accumulating snow in Lynchburg and Danville should fall in the 1-2" range. We'll narrow down this forecast even farther on Sunday.

      Looking ahead, a big blast of cold air, with a few flurries, will be our weather story for Wednesday through Saturday of next week. Highs in the 30s!

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