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      Good Saturday to you!

      Summary: Very warm and humid for the Memorial Day weekend. Rain increases Sunday, and heavy is rain is possible on Sunday and Monday.

      Saturday will be partly cloudy, hazy, very warm and humid with highs from 85 to 90. Most of our area remains dry. Your Saturday is the best day of the weekend for your outdoor plans.

      Rain increases Sunday. A tropical weather system will move inland across the Carolinas and into Virginia. Most local rain totals will range from 0.50" to possibly 2" from the tropical moisture on Sunday and Monday.

      Rain will likely occur on Memorial Day, though the "when" and "where" may not be known until Sunday because we're dealing with the uncertainties of a tropical weather system.

      Next week will be warm and humid with a chance for afternoon showers each day.

      We will keep you updated on the new tropical depression and how it impacts your weekend. Join Matt Ferguson on Saturday as he's filling in for Will Stafford. Matt will have the latest on the rain.

      Have a safe weekend! George

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