UVa's Mendenhall, VT's Fuente preach practice perfection

UVa head coach Bronco Mendenhall (left) joins Virginia Tech's Justin Fuente for a photo at the ACC Kickoff in Charlotte. (Photo: Dave Walls/WSET)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WSET) - UVA's Bronco Mendenhall and Virginia Tech's Justin Fuente of Virginia Tech had two, very different 1st year campaigns in 2016.

Mendenhall's Cavaliers went just 2-10, while the Hokies WON 10 Games, along with the ACC Coastal Division, and a Belk Bowl title.

On Friday at the ACC Kickoff in Charlotte, however, both head coaches say they don't want to be defined by wins and losses. Coach Bronco warns "Quite frankly, I think if you're not careful in the sport, you can be defined only by winning and losing. I think great things are built very simply, very methodically. As it has been yet to show in terms of wins and losses, I'm certainly not going to let the small improvements that I see that are leading to that go without acknowledging those."

Both coaches say it's a matter of perfecting their preparation. And with a thin margin of error in the ACC, VT's Fuente says they can't afford any errors. "(Practicing well) doesn't guarantee we will win, it doesn't guarantee anything. It just guarantees the opportunities if we're willing to put forth this dedication, this discipline level on a daily basis."

And while UVA's road to success may seem longer than Tech's, Coach Mendenhall says he wouldn't have it any other way, saying "Every single day, there's a brand new challenge and something that can be improved. That's what I was ready for in my coaching career at this stage. And so I'm getting exactly what I wanted."

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