UVa takes on Florida in NCAA second round action

UVa takes on Florida in NCAA second round action

ORLANDO, FL (WSET) - For the fourth straight year, the Virginia Cavaliers have advanced to the NCAA Tournament second round. They'll face Florida Saturday night at 8:40 in Orlando with the winner moving on to the Sweet 16 in New York.

One big question, will UVa have Isaiah Wilkins back in the fold? The junior has been battling the effects of strep throat the last couple of weeks and could only play a season-low five minutes off the bench in Thursday's win over Wilmington.

Tony Bennett, VIRGINIA HEAD COACH (CAVS 23-10), said "He pushed so hard and he's just, he's not, he hasn't filled his tank up enough from this virus and this sickness and you know we'll take it a day at a time. But then during the game I think it was when we tied it or got up, he jumped up and got excited and then he had a, I don't know if it was a sinking spell or what, he was just not right. I feel for him. You know I love, I told him I put my arm around him and just said I'll never forget your courage and your heart to try and to continue to try. Because we needed him when he was sick to get us into this tournament."

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