John Szcef welcomed as new Virginia Tech baseball head coach

New Virginia Tech baseball head coach John Szcef is introduced to the media at a ceremony Thursday at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg. (Photo: Dave Walls/WSET)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) - There's a lot of rebuilding surrounding the Virginia Tech baseball team.

While construction crews work around the clock to complete renovations of English Stadium, steps away, new Hokies baseball head coach John Szcef held up a jersey, and proclaimed he was excited to join a program that was really going places. "When you step foot on this campus, it doesn't take very long to realize how committed the administration is, the athletic department is to being competitive and winning at a very high level." said Szcef, entering his 13th year of being a collegiate head coach, and his 28th season overall.

It's that competitive desire that ultimately convinced the former Maryland skipper to sign a 7 year contract to lead the Hokies, after leading the Terrapins to 2 NCAA Super Regional Tournaments in the last 4 years. Maryland left the ACC in 2015. While Szcef said that did play a role in the decision to leave the Terps, it was more about what Tech is doing right, right now. Says Szcef, "I think it was all of those things. It's (the school) that's looking at doing something special in baseball, which made it that much easier to make that decision."

When the renovations to English Field are complete, and the Hokies resuming playing ball, Szcef says his lineup will be built with local talent first, who are ready to fight to make Virginia Tech a winner on the diamond.

"We want to build it right with Virginia players first, and I'm really looking forward to 'Building it in Blacksburg'."

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