ABC-13 Teams of the Week: Appomattox Co. Boys & Girls Soccer

ABC-13 Teams of the Week: Appomattox Co. Boys & Girls Soccer (Photo: Dave Walls/WSET)

APPOMATTOX, Va. (WSET) - Our ABC-13 Teams of the Week are the Boys and Girls Soccer teams at Appomattox County High School.

Both squads have been tearing through the competition so far this season. The Raider boys are an impressive 7-1 on the season, while the Appomattox ladies are an undefeated 7-0-2, and have scored a combined 21 goals in just their last 2 games.

Adam Vaughan, Sr. Center-Mid "We started at the beginning of the season, scoring a few goals. Our passes were a little off. Now we're starting to score more, score more faster. Started rolling some teams, so definitely progressing. It's a really good group, probably the best group I've ever been a part of. We're all really close."

Abby Ranson, Soph. Left Forward "This group of girls is great, we all come together pretty well, and work together as a team pretty well. We've been working on certain things in practice, and overall, it's been a really good experience."

Cassidy Carter, Jr. Center Back "This year, we've been really motivating, trying to bring each other up to do better during the game, and it's really helped."

Congratulations to the Appomattox Boys and Girls soccer teams! Our ABC-13 Teams of the Week!

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