V.E.S. Football Prepares for State Title Game

Lynchburg - Saturday afternoon, L.C.A. and V.E.S. will both play for state titles. L.C.A. plays at Collegiate in Richmond while V.E.S. is home against North Cross at 1.

That game will be a rematch of this year's opener in Lynchburg won by V.E.S., a Saturday game back on August 31st that was suspended by lightning and completed two days later. North Cross is coached by one-time V.E.S. assistant Stephen Alexander.

The Bishops won the state title at home last year, now they've got that homefield advantage again. Ronnie Stringfield, V.E.S. SENIOR RUNNING BACK, said "Ah that's huge, playing in front of your family, your friends. It's just welcoming and a feeling you get that you wouldn't at a neutral site or their place. So it's just a really good feeling to play at home and we take pride in playing at home. We've only lost one game there in the past two years so it's a real big deal for us."

Butch Jennings, V.E.S. BISHOPS HEAD COACH, said "We also anticipate he might have a few wrinkles so we're just preparing our guys to play our game. That's the key, we feel if we play our game, we have a great opportunity to pull this off."