NASCAR Truck Drivers Prepare for Alpha Energy 250 at Martinsville on April 1st

NASCAR Truck Drivers Prepare for Alpha Energy 250 at Martinsville on April 1st

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WSET) - The drivers in NASCAR's Camping World Truck Series are getting a little antsy.

The series has been on hiatus since racing last in Atlanta on March 4th. Needless to say, drivers are excited to hit the 'Paper Clip' for the Alpha Energy Solutions 250." on April 1st.

Driver Chase Brisco excitedly described the reverence many of the drivers hold of the track, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, saying "Yeah, this place's historic. It's one of the coolest places I think there is. I've been here the last 3 years just to watch the truck race. To finally be racing in it, it's definitely humbling and a blessing."

Kyle Busch won the 2016 race, with then 18-year old John Hunter Nemechek placing 2nd. In order to win the title this year, John Hunter faces a different challenge - his father, NASCAR Icon Joe Nemechek, who will race a truck at the Paper Clip for the first time in his career.

John Hunter described the unusual competition and relationship between himself and his father, saying "Most kids and dad are out in the back yard, throwing a football or baseball, so to be racing with him in this high a level of NASCAR, it's pretty special." The elder Nemechek, affectionately named 'Front Row Joe' has never raced a truck at the 'Clip, and says he's looking forward to a lot of things. First things first, however: Getting bragging rights over his son. "In life, parents always want to see their kids do good. But every now and then, you want to one-up your kids to keep them in check!" Nemechek laughed, continuing to say "I've had a great career, he's the future of NASCAR. I'm happy just to be able to still do this."

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