Area boxer Scott Sigmon prepares for title fight

Area boxer Scott Sigmon prepares for title fight

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Bedford boxer Scott Sigmon will fight for two U.S. middleweight titles a week from this Saturday night, April 1, in Maplewood, Minnesota.

Sigmon, with 29 wins, 10 losses and one draw, takes on undefeated 16-and-0 Luis Arias.

It's a 160-pound bout scheduled for 10 rounds. Sigmon, who says he's in the best shape he's been in since his shoulder surgery in 2012, says he expects this to be his most "brutal" fight ever. He adds this fight, if he can win it, gives him a chance to return to the big stage.

Scott Sigmon, 29-10-1 (16 KO), said "You know I've been working to get back there for five years. A lot of guys aren't fortunate enough to get a second chance, especially a guy like me. You know I've got 10 losses but I'm just thankful these sanctioning organizations and these promoters they appreciate the fact that I'll fight anyone, anywhere. And they're giving me a shot to potentially redeem myself."

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