Virginia Tech's Commemoration ceremony remembers the lives of those lost

Hundreds gathered to hear remarks and honor those lost April 16, 2007. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Like many of the people at Virginia Tech's April 16, 2007 Commemoration, Virginia Tech President Tim Sands will always remember the moment he learned 32 people lost their lives.

Sands said, "As a father, university professor and administrator, the loss that these families and this community experienced was unimaginable to me."

The same is true for Senator Tim Kaine, who was governor at the time.

"I think I can safely say, and I think I'll be able to forever safely say that April 16, 2007 was the worst day of my life," said Kaine.

Rather than talking about sadness, Kaine remembered the victims. Many of them, like Holocaust survivor Professor Liviu Librescu, died serving out Virginia's Tech's motto of ut prosim.

"A professor of engineering who blocked the door in his classroom and urged his students to jump out a second floor window to safety. He was shot again and again as he protected this group of young people," said Kaine.

Librescu was just one of the many lives lost that tragic day.

But from that tragedy, a strong connection both with Virginia Tech and the families of the 32 victims.

Kaine said, "I continue to be in awe of their strength and resilience and I cherish these relationships 10 years later."

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