Virginia Tech community honors 32 victims of tragedy at picnic

The Day of Remembrance marks the 10th anniv. of the April 16, 2007 shooting that claimed 32 student and faculty lives at Virginia Tech, thousands of people came out for a picnic on Saturday to remember them (Photo: Valencia Jones)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Virginia Tech community held a picnic on Saturday as part of their weekend of remembrance of the Virginia Tech Massacre 10 years ago.

Thousands of people shared a meal and memories of the 32 people shot and killed.

Several people in attendance said they are happy to keep the legacy going and make sure the victims are never forgotten.

"I knew Dr. Librescu. I knew some of the grad students that were in Norris," said Fred Brugger, a former employee at Virginia Tech.

Brugger worked as a custodian in Norris Hall where most of the students and Dr. Librescu were killed, but he had retired the year before.

"We just appreciate all that the community does for us and the school does for us in helping us to heal, because there's still a lot of hurt and a lot of very sore spots," he said.

"It's especially special for me, because I had a cousin here 10 years ago," said current Virginia Tech student, Katie Kowalski. "So now that he's moved on, he's doing well and everything, he's safe. It's cool to be here 10 years later where he was."

Students say the sadness of the tragedy still lingers, but the community spirit and school spirit is still bringing them all together a decade later.

"It just shows really how precious life is and how many people come and show their support," said Maria Bernero, a Virginia Tech student. "The families come back. It just bonds the community together."

To see a list of the events scheduled for Sunday, including a wreath laying and candlelight vigil, go here.

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