Highty Tighty Brass Quintet reflects on lives of 32 victims through music

The Hotty Toddy Brass Quintet, which is also part of the VT Corp of Cadets, played songs to match the solemn and somber occasion (Photo: WSET)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Corps of Cadets brass quintet played a special postlude composition before the Virginia Tech Day of Remembrance Commemoration Sunday.

The Highty-Tighty Brass Quintet opened and closed the program with music to match the somber occasion.

The musicians are also members of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.

The songs were carefully chosen as a way to allow for quiet reflection.

The pieces were entitled "Largo," "Be Thou My Vision" and a classic Virginia Tech rendition of "Moonlight and VPI."

Members say the music has a seed of happiness as a sign of hope in moving forward.

"It's one of the most solemn honors I think I'm ever going to get to have as someone who is at a high enough performance standard to be able to honor someone's life and that's a very grave and important responsibility," said Daniel Rhodes, a tuba player.

Rhodes says although 32 Hokies passed away 10 years ago, they're thankful they're still able to reflect them properly through their music.

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